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Density and Pulsaret M4L

Ableton Live Plugins (Max for Live Mac/Win)

Density.m4l Instrument and Density.m4l FX: polyphonic sampled and live-buffer granulators

Pulsaret.m4l Instrument: polyphonic Microsound Prototypes Granular Synthesis (Glisson, Pulsar, Grainlet, Trainlet)

apeFilter~.m4l FX: Multilevel advanced filter processor (only Live 8 with Max 5)

Mac/Win: Download Here (Owner login data)


Buy Density/Pulsaret.m4l

IMPORTANT: Density/Pulsaret/apeFilter~ M4L requires Live 8.1 (or higher) and Max For Live. Details about Max For Live can be found at

Density/Pulsaret/apeFilter M4L plugins will only work in Ableton (not in the MaxMSP application).

Compatible with Max/Msp 5, Ableton Live 8 and Max/Msp 6 and Ableton Live 9 (32/64 bit Mac/Win)


Density Standalone (Mac/Win)

Asynchronous sampled/live granular synthesis

Mac Demo: Density.dmg
Win Demo: Density.msi

Pulsaret Standalone (Mac/Win)

Microsound Prototypes Granular Synthesis  (Glisson, Pulsar, Grainlet, Trainlet)

Mac Demo: Pulsaret.dmg
Win Demo: Pulsaret.msi

Download Pulsaret_Project_1 tutorial


Density Lite FREE

Mac: DensityLITE.dmg (Universal Binary)
Win: DensityLITE_setup.msi (Windows Installer)

Download Activation Code


Old releases


Density_1.0.0.dmg (Universal Binary)

Density_1.0.6.dmg (Universal Binary)



Open Source: “Csound + TAAE + AB” xCode Template for iOs

Csound For Developers is an extension of ” Csound for iOs” by Steven Yi and Victor Lazzarini.

cs4dev is based on “The Amazing Audio Engine” of Michael Tyson and supports Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio.

This project is for the iOs developers and aim the Csound integration.

Download xCode project here: csnd + TAAE +